Notes form Session 1: Rethink culture

The conference began with a welcome message  from Prof. Ioannis Vassiliou, Director of ICCS. Then the session’s  moderator Prof. Stefanos Kollias, Director of  Intelligent Systems, Content and Interaction Laboratory provided the context of the event and the focus of the session, which was

“creative reuse and all the different  ways we can access and reuse the available  digital  content”.

The first talk was given by Alexis Panagiotopoulos, Representative of Ministry of Economy,  providing information about Open data, core element of NSRF (ΕΣΠΑ) administration and prerequisites  for NSRF projects.

Then Vassilis Tzouvaras, Senior researcher at NTUA,  leading the development in MINT  and WITH activities, gave a talk about “The age of reuse and user engagement: Enrichment and participation in digital culture”.

Age of reuse and user engagement

Ioanna-Ourania Stathopoulou & Haris Georgiadis representing National Documentation Center presented  an ecosystem consisting of an Aggregator of Cultural Heritage Content (, a Metadata and Digital File Validation System and an Information System for Semantic Vocabularies and Contextual Enrichment ( The ecosystem was developed by National Documentation Center so as to provide  homogenized content subject to validation , data clearing and semantic enrichment thus  enhancing the user experience and search / explore capabilities.

Unified search of digital cultural content: searching culture.

In the last presentation of the session, Athanasios Drosopoulos, Senior researcher at NTUA,  leading the development in MINT  and WITH activities, introduced the newly established collaborative and interoperable WITH platform for creative reuse  and the related  Europeana Space project activities.

Communicating culture WITH an interoperable platform for creative reuse of digital cultural heritage

The session ended with questions addressed from attendees to speakers.