Notes from Session 2: Experience Culture

In this  session, moderated by  Vassilis Tzouvaras, the speakers explored the experience of digital culture following  different paths of Europeana projects.

The first talk comprised of two presentations, aiming to disseminate the experience gained through EUscreenXL and Europeana Sounds projects. Arne Stabenau, senior developer at NTUA, presented EUscreenXL, the sequel of EUscreen network that functions as an expert hub in which archival organizations from different cultural and professional backgrounds experiment with the various possibilities of online publishing.

Watching and listening to culture: the case of EUscreenXL project

Nikos Simou, Senior Researcher at NTUA, presented Europeana Food and Drink and Europeana Sounds projects, and disseminated the results and the experienced gained and the lessons learnt via the participation in these projects.

Watching and listening to culture: the cases of Europeana Dood and Drink & Europeana Sounds projects

Then, Marco Rendina, founder and CTO of the Europeana Fashion International Association, presented Europeana Fashion that brings together more than 30 public and private archives and museums, coming from 13 European countries, in order to collect and give public access to more than 750.000 high-quality digital fashion objects, available for all to enjoy and re-use.

Digital cultural heritage with style: the Europeana Fashion project

also available at slideshare

Dimitris Gavrilis, Scientific Associate at the Digital Curation Unit (DCU) of Athena Research Centre, presented MORe, a curation-oriented metadata aggregator that enable users to create their own enrichment plans that best suit their data,  choose among a number of readily available enrichment micro-services and configure them without any programming knowledge.

Do you want to find out MORe?

The session ended with questions from the audience to speakers.