Notes from Session 4: Rethink Culture

This session, moderated by Natasa Sofou, explored ways of creatively reusing digital cultural content from museums and art.

Prodromos Tsiavos,  Head of Digital Development at the Onassis Cultural Centre, talked about the re-use of open educational resources and the way it is often approached as a single trajectory and platform process. However, practice shows that their actual re-use happens in a rather fragmented and often anarchic fashion, which, nevertheless makes use of standard platforms that operate as islands of stability in a sea of constantly changing modes of content reuse. The objective of the talk was to show how the use of wikipedia, standard online platforms and open source software could be deployed in order to produce a consistent digital strategy and experience with regards to the re-use of open digital content.

A multi-modal approach for the development of Open Educational Material | The Case of the Onassis Cultural Centre

Kostas Konstantinidis, director and founder of PostScriptum, presented MuseumPlus – a platform  vital to the virtuous life cycle of cultural data- and the reuse of cultural content.  MuseumPlus with more than 450.000 Greek collection exhibits  is the most widely used collection management system in Greece. and applications can be built upon MuseumPlus curated content.

MuseumPlus and the reuse of cultural content

Then two young entrepreneurs from the creative industries presented their   newly  founded applications.

Heracles  Papatheodorou, co-founder of City Tales,  presented City Tales  and how it can  enhance the way we experience cities, either as locals or tourists.

City Tales | Ubiquitous culture and cities

Andreas Fatouros, Andreas is the co-founder and art Specialist and researcher at Clio Muse, presented Clio Muse,  an awarded tour-guide application for indoor tours and city walks, that curates cultural stories according to a specific methodology.

Clio Muse | Appetite for culture

The session ended with questions from the audience and wrapping-up the  outcome of the event.